Lumera Eye Serum Review

Due this extreme busy and hectic life we do not get time for ourselves. We get tired but we have to complete our work at office and job. Many people work at night and some do in shifts. But almost these types of job results in lack of sleep for us. That makes our health bad internally as well as externally in the shape of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Due to this problem we look old much more than our real age. Its create lack of confidence in personality and due to this we face many problems in our daily routine life. Lumera Eye Serum is the best solution of our health, looks, confidence and daily routine problems and best anti aging serum I have ever seen.


What it is?

Lumera Eye Serum is actually the anti aging formula being used by the hundred thousand satisfied customers around the globe. It is totally herbal product and there is no side effect using this product. Its purpose is to give you the soft smooth skin all over as fresh as a baby skin. Due to dust, pollution and other natural factors like weather change and growing age, skin of face changes leaving black circles, spots, un even color tone and mainly wrinkles.  People spend money on expensive operations, laser treatments, surgeries and on unhealthy cosmetics found in market, but they did not find the desired results. This magical product is the big relief at your search.

How does it work?

When we apply Lumera Eye Serum to the skin after washing it absorbs into it making it smooth and hydrated. Make your skin younger by removing fine lines, dark circles, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Its compounds absorb into the skin then remove the outer layer called epidermis and dead cells. Due to this process new fresh skin comes out which is healthy and glowing much more than before. This formula also starts the collagen production in the body due to which a radiant and smooth skin is the result in few days. By applying on neck and all the face other than only the area below the eyes, it gives you an even skin tones so your new fresh skin does not look different from other body.



All the ingredients used in this product are totally natural and collected under the supervision of qualified staff. Then it is processed in the laboratory for further checking and quality satisfaction. After these qualitative analysis these extracts of fruits and herbs are supplied to the manufacturing plant which is ISO 9002 certified. Following are some major ingredients used in the Lumera Eye Serum

  • Grape fruits extract is used for the purpose of cleansing the skin. To remove toxic materials and dust particles which make the skin hard
  • Sweet almond oil is used to keep the skin soft and hydrated
  • Pepha tight is Algae and pullalan. It gives an immediate tightening to the skin which help wrinkles to remove rapidly in days
  • Gatuline is the most essential ingredient used in making the Lumera Eye Serum

The visible benefits

Research and laboratory tests has proved that one month use of  Lumera Eye Serum reduced puffines upto 80%. And more than 73% it has removed dark circles around the eyes wrinkles on the cheeks, laugh line and besides eyes are soothens upto 64%. Most of the ladies more than 40 years of age has strong believe in this product. They have found it safe in every aspect. There is no fear of allergy and rashed due to its use and also it prevents the teen age girls from pimple due to growing age. it has same result at whole face and neck as it has around the eyes.


Customer review

We got emails and fone calls from many countries that not only the women of different ages has got benefit from this product but also there is a huge population of  male users who were suffering from their skin problems.

  • Mr. James Martin from USA said it is the most cheapest and high quality skin n eye serum I have aver seen.
  • Miss Elizabeth Taylor said I am a house wife and I have 4 kids. But thanks to Lumera Eye Serum I look younger than my age that I look unmarried now.


  • Keep this away from kids
  • It is not recommended for people under 18 by doctors
  • Keep it in dry and cold place
  • Do not eat or swallow this because it is only for external use
  • People who are suffering from and skin disease or allergy should consult their doctor first to get the best advice.


How to use?

Its usage is so simple. Wash your face and dry. Apply Lumera Eye Serum gently and leave it for a while to absorb deep into the skin. Using at night can be more effective. For quick results use it twice a day.

Some good tips

  • Spicy ,dry and fried food should be avoided
  •  Make your habit to drink 12 to 16 glass of water daily
  • It will help hydrating your skin and will make is fresh for longer period of time. Use fresh vegetable in lunch, salad should be enough for lunch. Use fresh fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks
  •  Make morning walk a permanent habit of yours. It will oxidize your skin and help it keeping young and fresh
  • Take proper sleep at night. Early to bed and early to rise should make you healthy wealthy and wise.

Any risk?

This product is totally manufactured from natural ingredients. There is no chemicals and preservatives added in it. So feel free while using Lumera Eye Serum

Where to buy?

People around the globe want to use this product so we decided to sell it online. This product is only available at company’s official website. You can visit this website and order your trial now.